Padded Prayer Mats: Comfort For Your Supplications

Have there been instances when you cannot focus on your prayers because you are constantly shifting your posture? Have you ever cut your Sujood (postures during daily Muslim prayers) short because of how uneasy your knees and neck feel in contact with the hard ground?

You are not alone.

For Muslims performing the daily obligatory and non-obligatory prayers, a reasonable amount of time goes into praying. This translates into standing, sitting, and prostrating on rigid surfaces repeatedly throughout the day. In turn, it may cause a fair bit of stress on your feet, knees, forehead, neck and back. Several prayer mat makers have developed padded mats to enhance focus and attention during prayer by alleviating physical discomfort.

What is A Padded Prayer Mat?

Technically, a padded prayer mat is more pressure-absorbent than a regular prayer mat. With a layer of foam or cushioning in the centre, the objective of the padded prayer mat is to alleviate pain in the major pressure points of the body and allow better blood circulation. Additionally, it supports the skeletal-muscle structure further improving posture.

Why Do You Need A Padded Prayer Mat?

The lifestyles we lead today are fraught with stress that impacts our physiology. A well-padded prayer mat decreases not only the physical strain during prayer but also relieves the built-up tension in our bodies. It is ideal for older people who have arthritis, osteoporosis, spine ailments, or even spondylosis. Padded prayer mats are also great for those who regularly pray on hard surfaces, e.g., wood flooring at home. 

What is the Islamic Ruling Regarding the Use of Padded Prayer Mats?

While there is no hard and fast rule against praying on a prayer mat, the use of a padded prayer mat may have some exceptions. Some sources explain that during Salah (prayer), the hands, feet, knees, forehead, etc., should ‘feel’ the ground underneath. If the prayer mat is so thick that it hinders this contact, it is not permissible to use it.

Types of Padded Prayer Mats

If you are looking for comfortable padded prayer mats for yourself, your family or even as a gift to a loved one, we have just the pick for you!

Padded Prayer Mat

London based brand Royal Sejadah offers a Turkey-made, high quality padded prayer mat. This 120 x 66cm (+tassel) prayer mat uses Oeko-Tex / ISO Certified materials, feels luxuriously soft and comes with a 2.5cm padding. Royal Sejadah prayer mats do not contain printed designs; instead, their tapestry style motifs are intricately embossed and pleasing to the eye. When purchasing a Royal Sejadah padded prayer mat, you will receive a prayer mat, crystal prayer beads, a greeting card, and a carry bag.

With a price tag of £69.99, the product is costly, but the Royal Sejadah padded prayer mat can make for an exceptional gift for your loved ones!

Another of our recommendations in this category is the padded prayer mat by the Japanese brand, Takva. The Only Royal Gold (COMFIT™) is a part of their Indoor Premium Prayer Mat range. Also made from certified OEKOTEX® material, the mat comes with a COMFIT™ insert, a specially developed 6mm, double-layered, eco-friendly, toxic-free foam that relieves pressure. The Takva padded prayer mat is priced at £43.05, so it could prove to be an excellent alternative to the more expensive Royal Sejadah.

Cushioned Prayer Mat

According to Visual Dhikr, their prayer mat has been ‘designed from the ground up’. This cushioned prayer mat uses a specially developed impressionable layer that offers exemplary comfort for your feet and knees. In addition, the uniquely modified underside is non-slip. The mat size is 140 x 66cm and is crafted from poly twill fabric. Unlike others, the Visual Dhikr prayer mat has a unique arch-shaped design. For £35, this prayer mat sounds like a pretty good deal.

But if you are looking for something more cost-effective, check out this cushioned prayer mat from a local small business in the U.K. According to the reviews left by users, for only £15.95, the mats are ‘very soft’ and ‘very durable’. The prayer mat measures 120 x 80cm, and if you are looking for a good quality cushioned prayer mat to use at your workplace, this could be a great fit.

Memory Foam Prayer Mat

Memory foam prayer mats are not only supple, but they contain a distinct layer of foam that contours to the body, using your body heat and pressure to hold your shape. As a result, it provides relief in areas of the body we put the most pressure on during prayers.

This memory foam prayer mat by Siraj is from their new premium Luxury Plush Memory Foam prayer rugs collection. The mats are Turkish made and feature beautifully intricate patterns. Each measures 104 x 68.5 x 3.8 cm and costs £51. Interestingly, Siraj donates a percentage of sales to Islamic charities around the world. So every purchase you make will lead to a difference in the lives of others!

Alternatively, Amsons memory foam prayer mats provide you with marked ease while praying. It makes for the perfect choice for older parents or grandparents with knee and back issues. The Amsons mat measures 114 x 68 x 4.5 cm and comes with a price tag of £39.95. Compared to the Siraj rug, it is a more pocket-friendly choice.

Orthopaedic Prayer Mat

Orthopaedic prayer mats reduce tension and tightness in the joints, allowing for a pain-free praying experience.

The Modefa orthopaedic foam prayer rug contains a foam layer, similar to memory foam, which is pliable but dense. Modefa is a family-owned business and is among the top prayer rug brands in the USA.  This line of luxury prayer mats provides an excellent buffer between you and the floor, thus making it the quintessential choice for use on a hard surface or for anyone needing that extra cushioning. The Turkish-made rugs are 110 x 70cm and have earned plenty of rave reviews. However, the only downside is that the £50 prayer mat ships out of the U.S and can end up costing more if you live in the U.K.

Thick Prayer Mat

If a thick prayer mat is all you are looking for, the one by QuranCube is worth mentioning. This super-soft, padded prayer mat comes in a gift box, along with a prayer book and prayer beads. The QuranCube brand is a U.K. company established in 2016, and their Quran recitation products have gained widespread recognition since. These elegant and straightforward thick prayer mats come in two colours, black and white and measure 110 x 70cm. The complete set costs about £40.

Beyond Padded Prayer Mats and Rugs

A comfortable prayer mat can be a healing mechanism for recurrent physiological pain aggravated by a hectic routine. Used daily, it can effectively elevate the spiritual experience of prayer.