Travel Prayer Mats: Comfort & Convenience

For many practicing Muslims, a prayer mat is among their most prized possessions. Performing daily prayers leads one to develop a unique connection with prayer mats. They also often make for thoughtful gifting for friends and newlyweds. Thus, almost every time someone performs Umrah, Hajj, or even visits an Islamic country, shopping for gorgeous and intricate prayer mats is on their to-do list. 

Although beautiful, traditional prayer mats can be bulky and space-consuming. They aren’t the handiest to be carried along on holidays and business travels. Luckily travel-friendly prayer mats are a convenience we didn’t know we needed until we got one! 

In a post-pandemic era where Muslims have just begun to revisit mosques for offering prayers, advisories by mosque managements urge everyone to follow proper covid protocol. Among the very first is the instruction to carry your prayer mats for social distancing and safety purposes. Travel prayer mats can be incredibly practical for this purpose. Vaccinated people are also moving back to traveling for vacations and holidays. Be it camping or road trips; travel prayer mats are lightweight and sturdy enough to be carried easily in your luggage and used on any surface. Also, a simple travel prayer mat can be a gentle reminder to perform daily obligatory prayers for those returning to offices. 

A travel prayer mat is made of durable material, is lightweight, and often simple in design and colours. If you are looking for the perfect travel prayer mat we are here to get you up to speed on the various choices you can pick from!

Pocket Travel Prayer Mat

The USP of a pocket travel prayer mat is that it can fold into a zipped pouch and quickly fit right into your jacket or pant pockets. How convenient is that! The size of this pocket travel prayer mat by Oriental Trade is 105 x 60 cm, and you can pick it up in four colours- grey, maroon, navy and green. This mat seems quite popular thanks to being manufactured in Turkey. The design of the prayer mat is elegant and straightforward, helping you focus on your prayer without any distractions. Made from lightweight polyester, you can use this pocket travel prayer mat on any surface without experiencing any slip or flyaway.

Portable Prayer Mat

No frills and highly functional, portable prayer mats are a great idea if you are someone who is always on the move and wants to get all their prayers in! This portable prayer mat from the Japanese brand, Takva – has an attached elastic band that can secure itself without requiring it to be put into a bag or pouch. Made from polyester, the Takva portable prayer mat is water-resistant, and you can use it without any fear of water damage. Pick your favourite from colour options of moss green and slate grey; both designs are elegant and minimal. It is suitable for business trips, school trips, road trips, holidays and camping. Takva also offers a variety of lifestyle products designed for the accessibility of offering prayers.

Compass Prayer Mat

Compass prayer mats are popular thanks to a special compass attached to the prayer mat. This compass helps you determine the direction of the Qiblah, or the direction Muslims orient towards while performing the daily prayers. If you drive a lot for work or enjoy making road trips, you will possibly find yourself at a location where you cannot ascertain the Qiblah. For such days, this compass prayer mat by SystemsEleven can be incredibly helpful. This prayer mat comes in a pouch. Post-prayer, all you have to do is give it a quick wipe-down and place it back into the bag. The accuracy of the compass may not always be on point, so it’s best to always double-check the Qiblah direction on your phone or with a powerful compass. While this SystemsEleven compass prayer mat seems to miss out on the premium feel, the £2.49 price tag is an absolute deal. And it does get the job done!

Travel Prayer Mat with bag

Beautiful designs and efficiency? Sign us up! This travel prayer mat series from Takva has been designed with an attached side pocket that the mat folds right into. At a size of 60x120cms, you have ample space to offer your salah peacefully. The double-layered, waterproof material the mat is made from ensures that it stays safe from water damage or even rocky pavements. Extremely lightweight (only 85 grams!) and smaller than an A5 notebook, the travel mat with bag comes in different designs like Scandinavian Blue, Batik Black, Kilim and more! The designs and colours are inspired by Islamic regions around the world and look absolutely stunning. The company guarantees quality and also offers hassle-free returns in case you have a change of mind.

Waterproof Prayer Mat

If you are particular about the quality of your prayer mat, then maybe this option can be a good investment. This waterproof prayer mat from Sujud claims to be made from premium, environmentally-friendly materials and a Jintex bio guard technology that helps resist moisture and odour. Handmade and designed in Indonesia, these waterproof prayer mats are ethically and responsibly produced. They even come in prints like Green Leaf, Black Dome, Ocean and more. Once ordered, you can expect the product at your doorstep in about a week. Several buyers have also appreciated this brand for the luxurious quality and durability of the mats. Although a little steep at £20.53, these waterproof prayer mats seem to offer great value for the price.

How To Make Your Own Travel Prayer Mat

Are you a DIY aficionado? Alright then, let’s save you a few bucks and find out how you can make your travel prayer mat!

  1. Shop for a material that’s lightweight, easily foldable but still has enough body to stay flat on the ground.
  2. Cut the fabric to a standard prayer mat dimension. You can use your home prayer rug as a reference and mark your preferred size.
  3. Run a stitch along the borders to create neat edges. Also, attach a piece of elastic or a ribbon to help you secure the mat once you have folded it up.
  4. For extra body, you can also use a towel between two pieces of your chosen fabric to create cushioning, although this might make it slightly bulky.
  5. Use some fabric colours to add some simple patterns to your travel prayer mat.
  6. If all this sounds like too much work, then recycle an old yoga mat! Yoga mats are often waterproof and durable enough to be used on different surfaces.

Final Words

So, there you have it! We hope this detailed list of different travel prayer mats helps you find the perfect mat and adds convenience and comfort to your lives.